Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A debate with Norman Matloff

I am a member of chat group and we talk just about everything under the sun. Here is an exchange I had recently with UC Davis Professor Norman Matloff, a well known opponent to the H-1B visa, on China's President Xi Jinping visiting an inexpensive Beijing restaurant, queuing up and paying for his own meal. This is how I spent my time outside of tax season. :-) Here's an article covering the event, http://www.theatlantic.com/china/archive/2013/12/xi-jinping-eats-some-dumplings-at-a-restaurant/282719/
    Lots of pictures at this link, lots of food for $3.46.  I hope he finished his meal.

    To emphasize the government’s commitment to frugality, a casually dressed Xi was photographed yesterday queuing up to order and pay for his own meal at a branch of the Qingfeng Steamed Dumpling restaurant chain in Beijing. He chatted with fellow diners as he tucked in to a plate of green vegetables, steamed dumplings and a soup of stewed pig livers and intestines known as chaogan, according to photographs posted on the Xinhua website. His order cost 21 yuan ($3.46), according to a report on the Beijing News website.
    Gary Locke's influence?
    Not quite. I think Xi picked up from BO who stopped by SF Chinatown Restaurant to buy Dimsum to go for his staff

    I don't think Xi imitates anyone. His wife was seen walking into a concert with the general audience recently.

    The first U.S. president in recent history eating at restaurants was probably Bill Clinton.

    Gary Locke is far from Xi in terms of stature. Norm might as well said it was Norm Matloff's influence, assuming he does carry his own tray and order his own food. :-)

    I'm not sure you are aware of the incident I was alluding to, Guy.

    When Locke first came to China, he was seen carrying his own bags, and paying for coffee with a coupon at the airport Starbucks. This caused quite a stir in China, with the Chinese press referring to him as "the backpack ambassador."

    I don't know if you're aware Xi is the president of China while the highest office Locke has held was a state governor and a cabinet secretary.

    How much security does Locke get, compared to Obama? You may not think Xi has similar stature as Obama. But they are both head of their respective country; and China, FYI, has four times as many people.

    If Xi is that elitist, refusing to learn from someone "beneath" him, he's not a man of the people after all. I'm suprised you don't reject the idea that he emulated Obama, who heads a country 1/4 the size of China.

    Will an elitist go to lunch that costs only $3.46? God gave us a brain.

    I did mention Bill Clinton. If I remember correctly, he would stop by McDonald's during his jog.

    One thing you're really good at, though, making many unsubstantiated claims with so few words.

    I didn't make any claims, Guy. I merely suggested a possibility.

    Concerning your bringing up your "China is 4 times bigger" claim, we now see it was bogus.

    What a stupid thing to say! As I said, God gives us all a brain.

    That's your only response, Guy? If you think that you didn't contradict yourself on your 4X argument, please explain why.

    I don't think it's worth my time with someone who has no brain. Guess God didn't give everyone a brain after all. Too bad.

    It is indeed too bad, Guy. This was not your best day.

    In that case, do you mind if I publicize our exchange on this subject? I'll do it verbatim.

    Please do. I think that in piecing this together, you'll discover what I've been saying is true, i.e. that you indeed have been inconsistent.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A letter from the Sheriff

I’m receiving a larger number of emails and phone calls about property theft/burglaries this month and last. This time of year is seemingly high theft season:

If you’re home or off at work or on vacation, make sure that everything is locked up securely. This includes backyard gates, all doors to your garage, doors from your rear yard to your house and doggy doors when not in use.

Suspicious people loitering, lingering, wandering around going door to door or up on properties in your neighborhood at night should be reported to dispatch as being suspicious. Describe their behavior to the dispatcher. If they have a vehicle, get a good description of everything and be a good witness. Call immediately, don’t wait. 874-5115. Don’t tell them you’re calling the cops or tip them off. DON”T FOLLOW OR CONFRONT.

If someone knocks or rings your doorbell, talk through the door. Teach your kids to talk through the door, but not to open it.

Leave lights on timers on inside your home. Have timers go off in different parts of your house at different times to mimic that you’re actually home.

If you have a work vehicle or trailer, and it contains tools it is a target if it is parked on your driveway or street.

Work vehicles/trailers containing tools must be parked in an enclosed yard or garage. In the Arden area we are having multiple reports of trailer hasps being cut with saws and metal around the hasps being sawed to enter and steal high dollar items. Lots of $150 to $3,000 bikes being stolen. Also many vehicle break-ins and gas thefts and numerous mail thefts in many areas of the county. Cars and motorcycles and dirt bikes and power tools and hand tools and coins, any and all electronic digital cameras and laptops, phones and presents in the car or wrapped under the tree, designer goods; eye glasses to shoes, cash, guns, jewelry, alcohol are being stolen. LOCK UP VALUABLES. Buy an engraver and put your driver’s license number on expensive tools and bikes.

Check your mailbox regularly if your mail is coming late in the day. Don’t leave mail overnight in your box. Report mail theft to the US Post office or to the Sheriff’s Department. Report ID theft/ fraud to the Sheriff’s Department. NEVER mail outgoing mail from your mailbox. If you see someone taking mail, call emergency line 874-5111.

If you have a vacant house nearby please or know that your neighbor is gone, be alert to unusual lights/activity in the house/garage at night. Call 9-1-1 if you think that a burglar may be there. The early cover of darkness and , cold and rain will keep most people inside as soon as they get home. Its perfect weather for burglars.

When you shop, go store to store or arrive home, take everything, out of your vehicle. Never leave anything including jackets or bags.

Finally, please go and visit the elderly neighbors down the street. See if they have their heat on, if they need to take a trip to the grocery store or might need someone to talk to.

Sherrie Carhart
Crime Prevention Specialist
North Division

Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol
But I am sure that I have always thought of Christmas time, when it has come round... as a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time; the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts freely.