Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Help Free Matt and Grace

Some of you may remember Matt and Grace. They are the Christian couple who adopted 3 children from Africa and one of them unfortunately passed away while they were working at Qatar. The Qatar government thought no Chinese couple would adopt Black children and thought it was a case of child trafficking gone wrong. They were found guilty of child endangerment and the conviction carries a three-year prison term.

The Innocence Project has been helping them. But according to Grace's sister, Joanne Chin, Matt and Grace desperately need your help. They have sold their home, emptied the bank accounts, and their families have liquidated assets and retirement savings. If you can help, please click on this link below to make a donation:

Deductions are apparently tax deductible as the donation goes to Allegro Organizational Solutions of Houston TX first and Allegro is a 501(c)(3) organization, according to the IRS website:
26-1197590 Allegro Organizational Solutions Inc. Houston TX United States PC
(PC stands for Public Charity)

For more info, please see: